Pitcairn looking for migrants (preferably Islander and their descendants)

October 23, 2013

As a disclaimer and to put my flag in the ground from the outset, I am fascinated by the sociology, remoteness and history of Pitcairn and would like to visit the place. I just don’t think I ever will…. While trawling through a daily Pacific Rim news email from the East West Centre at The […]

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Australia’s Gulag Archipelago Further Enhanced

August 3, 2013

One of my favourite political analyses is Essence of Decision. If you don’t know it, the basic premise is that any situation can be analysed from multiple positions. The book uses the Cuban Missile Crisis to illustrate this. At the risk of losing friends, being abused online and generally starting an indignant shit-storm over making […]

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Australia, Nauru and PNG: who has whom over a barrel? And other thoughts

July 20, 2013

A few events of the last two days have had me thinking. This is something of a brain dump. The general thrust of the first is that people seeking asylum in Australia, if they arrive by boat, will be resettled in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The second is that there was a riot/disturbance/unrest/event/venting of pent-up […]

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The basket case of the Pacific

May 30, 2013

I’m beginning to think the people of Nauru may actually deserve the parliamentarians they have had over the last few years. Actually, I’ve probably decided they do deserve them, and the disjointed confusion and waste that the inability to form a government or even attend parliament delivers. The real question is: Why do Nauruans keep […]

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It’s been a while…….

January 9, 2012

It has been a long time since I published here. Not through lack of interest or shortage of material, it has been a mixture of laziness, malaise, being “out of practice”, and getting posts half written and then deciding the time has passed me by. In the past few (read many) months, I have gained […]

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Christmas Island’s Maritime Curse Continues

January 9, 2012

This afternoon, I visited Facebook and found this statement, from one of my closest friends: “Thinking of you all on the island, a bit lost for words really…. What could possibly go wrong next? When is the place going to get a break from shit going wrong!!” It made me immediately fear something awful, like […]

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Sport and politics; we’re doing it wrong

June 8, 2011

Sport and politics…. Apparently they do mix. It is often said that sport and politics shouldn’t mix. Stiff shit, Princess, they do mix. Sometimes it gets taken a little too far. And it is also true that there are very few things in life that are apolitical. And just because you think something is apolitical, […]

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Fiji… What to do about Fiji?

May 21, 2011

The most serious and interesting issue from the last week (and probably for the week ahead) has definitely been the flight of Lieutenant Colonel Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara from Fiji to Tonga. This has made some things abundantly clear, raised a few questions, and been met with mixed reactions. The responses of Canberra and Wellington […]

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Introducing Australia’s Gulag Archipelago

May 8, 2011

There’s a bit more going on in this post than I would like, but hopefully it makes a few decent points or gets you thinking. The main point is the impact of what I have dubbed Australia’s Gulag Archipelago. I haven’t taken the time to refine or even balance it, but I will more fully […]

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Mixed bag issues update

May 3, 2011

The good: It may seem like a bad joke for Nauru to be involved in a forestry program, but there are few places on earth that need such efforts, and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community has started restoration on Nauru and Solomon Islands. Internet coverage and telecommunications services spreading fast through the Pacific Islands. […]

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