Mixed Bag Issues Update

by Dom on February 13, 2011

First, the (potentially) good news…

  • Indonesia sentences three soldiers briefly for Papuan torture crimes. Abut time something happened, but it all seems a little bit like these guys were the unlucky ones who got caught on film distributing a heavy-handed response.
  • US military says it will return unused land to reduce its footprint on Guam. Let’s just wait and see if this happens…..
  • A rapid emergency response force set up by Australia and New Zealand to address critical needs post-disaster is being finalised. Security was the original focus, but it has shifted somewhat to become more concerned with humanitarian needs.

Not sure how it will play out news…

  • PNG development and resource extraction projects having massive issues with local landowners’ disputes and governmental problems.
  • Talk of the Panguna mine reopening start to gain momentum. (see above)
  • CNMI government broke and can’t pay utility bills.
  • Tongan Prime Minister Lord Tu’ivakano says go easy on Fiji, warning Australian and New Zealand officials not to push the state towards China.

And the bad news… Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot going around…

  • Chile to upgrade Rapanui airport runway; this should make it easier to fly in more troops and police when the native Rapa Nui try to get some recognition nd control over their island. It may also make tourism and immigration easier, but you can decide for yourself if that is what Rapanui really needs more of.
  • More Pacific Islanders killed in Afghanistan
  • A face report produced claiming Canberra was interfering in Solomon Islands politics is “leaked”, sparking refutations. The sad part about this is that there is suspicion such a report may well exist, but in legitimate form….

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