Fiji: The problem that isn’t. Again…..

by Dom on April 16, 2011

This week we have seen Julie Bishop, the deputy leader is the Liberal Party, say that Australia’s approach to Fiji isn’t working. Moreover, Bishop stated that the Opposition would be open to negotiations with Fiji. I have two things to say.

  1. I have said before that Australia’s Fiji stratergy is rubbish. This is a no-brainer. You can’t ignore something and hope it changes.
  2. Fiji probably doesn’t care too much about the Australian stance as it can, and has, cozied up to China. This, in relaity, is the only reason Bishop would care anyway.

And now for the questions: What happens if Fiji holds elections in 2014? Does Australia suddenly try to re-engage Fiji? And does Fiji continue to look the other way? Why should a minnow be friends with a tuna when it can be friends with a shark? The ultimate finger to Australia is the fact that Fiji needs nothing from its large neighbour to the west.

Questions, comments, thoughts, retorts?

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