It’s been a while…….

by Dom on January 9, 2012

It has been a long time since I published here. Not through lack of interest or shortage of material, it has been a mixture of laziness, malaise, being “out of practice”, and getting posts half written and then deciding the time has passed me by.

In the past few (read many) months, I have gained interest in new areas, become somewhat passionate about West Papua, tempered my fascination with the phosphate rocks but still been neglected Banaba and been infuriated by Nauru, astounded by Papua New Guinea, surprised by the good Commodore in Fiji, saddened by Tonga, and ashamed at the lack of noise in the mainstream media about Tuvalu.

It was none of these things that actually made me start, finish, and post some copy. It was an event in a place far more intimate to me, and far closer to what I know well. It is below, and I hope it may be an ironic re-ignition of more posts.

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