The basket case of the Pacific

by Dom on May 30, 2013

I’m beginning to think the people of Nauru may actually deserve the parliamentarians they have had over the last few years. Actually, I’ve probably decided they do deserve them, and the disjointed confusion and waste that the inability to form a government or even attend parliament delivers.

The real question is: Why do Nauruans keep voting for these inept, non-civically-minded, petulant, sulking, petty excuses for representatives who would not make a politician’s bootlace in a other jurisdiction?

That is a question for which I have no answer. But I will highlight yet another exasperating example of Nauru’s absurd political wilderness.

Nauru is broke. Nauru is reliant on Australian and other foreign largesse. Nauru has not had a political leader since who can remember when. Maybe there should be another round of youngsters sent off to Geelong Grammar.

The Nauruan parliament is only 18 people, and it seems the 9,000+ people on the island are unable to muster that many decent, forward-thinking, progress-focused, responsible, accountable folk to represent them and show up to the most important offices on the island.

So, in this forum, as small and un-influential as it may be, I pose the following two challenges to the Nauruan people:

  1. Don’t run for parliament if you are unable to even pretend to care about your country.
  2. Don’t elect fools and narcissists to your parliament.

And I’ll make the following uninspiring prediction:

–          Nothing will change in the next Nauruan parliament from the present Nauruan Government to the next, and there will be no progress on the shattered, obese, derelict phosphate rock formerly known as Pleasant Island.

I would love to be wrong, I’m sure I won’t be. In fact, I think my position will be vindicated. Anyone who wants to prove me wrong is welcome to run in the upcoming elections.

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