Who’s behind this?

I’m Dominic Collins, and this is a bit about me. I grew up on Christmas Island, where I still think of as home. The island formed who I am, and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. I’m an Australian and New Zealand duel citizen, which is not without its intriguing conflicts. I’ve lived for extended periods in Melbourne, Christmas Island, Latvia and New Zealand, with experiences in these places influencing my mindset and outlook.

In mid-2009, I left university after submitting my Masters thesis on forced migration and resettlement in the Pacific Islands. I’ve since settled in Melbourne, working in research and social equity advocacy. I like what I do, but have plenty of other things on the back burner. Slowly these are coming to the forefront. I hate being idle, so being stuck behind a desk isn’t where I see my life heading. This website is one of the side projects I have in mind, it’s just a little more advanced than others.

There are many things and people I find inspiring, Most of the people I find inspirational are flawed, often seriously by today’s judgements, but I think that’s normal. Most of them stood on the shoulders of others to achieve what they are credited with, but again, that’s normal. They include, for various reasons, Capitan James Cook, I. K. Brunel, Chris Mainwaring, Rainis, Gareth Evans, Vincent Lingiari, Weary Dunlop, Banjo Patterson, Lee Kwan Yew, Rotan Tito… and a few I won’t name by virtue of them being close to my personal life.

My passions include my family, meeting new people, building relationships, acting where there is a need, travel, discovering why places are the way they are, reading, socialising, finding out what makes other people get out of bed in the morning, and sharing their passions.