Why the Cancun Media Mircus Misses the Point.

December 21, 2010

This week has once again seen the Pacific Islands thrown back into the spotlight, which can mean only one thing: The world’s diplomats have gathered to chat about climate change. Like it, loath it, believe it or think it’s a farce to rival the exploits of P. T. Barnum, the climate circus rolled into Cancun […]

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Christmas Island’s Annus Horribilis

December 16, 2010

Christmas Island, like most small communities and isolated parts of the world, only seems to get a mention or rate a thought when politicians come out to play or things go badly wrong. Sometimes, in the worst circumstances, the second of these things unfortunately catalyses the first…. Anyone who has seen the news recently knows […]

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The Mixed Bag Issues Update

December 8, 2010

It really is astounding how little news and information from the Pacific Islands is deemed to warrant attention in the region’s larger states. The last few weeks have seen underlying tensions come to boiling point, but also witnessed some notable headway being made in seemingly some intractable standoffs. First, the (potentially) good news… A recent […]

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Fiji: The Problem that isn’t?

December 5, 2010

Fiji, what to do about Fiji….. The regime and the Good Commodore have got to go, right? It’s just not proper for a coup to succeed, especially at the cost of that defenceless tender thing called democracy. And it’s even worse when all the feet-stamping done in Canberra, Wellington and Brussels results in nothing more […]

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The Pike River Men

November 25, 2010

The Pike River Men The concern grows and the candles glow, The sorrow shows as the Coast takes a blow. The families know, the grief flows, The flags fly low. The Pike River Men worked underground, As the hardy of the Coast are want to do. Aware sometimes mines claim something back, They more than […]

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What Next for Norfolk? pt 1

November 20, 2010

Whatever the reasons, and there are probably plenty more than we have heard about in the news, it seems Norfolk is bankrupt and has finally accepted, or been forced into accepting, Australia. Not that Norfolk ever really rejected Australia. So what does it mean for Norfolk and its population? Will they be press-ganged into towing […]

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Changing of the Guard(dog)

November 18, 2010

A curious thing is happening in the Pacific. The times, they are a-changing. For many years the Pacific Islands looked to New Zealand, Australia and the United States for leadership, support, aid and all the other things small states get from friendly larger states. But not so any more it seems. But why? And should […]

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Solomon Islands a Pacific Leader. RAMSI a Kingmaker? Biketawa Justified….

November 15, 2010

Solomon Islands, a Pacific Leader. RAMSI a Kingmaker? Biketawa Justified. Seems like a funny statement, I know. But think about it for a little while and it makes some sense. Apart from the obvious of actually trying to work with Fiji and the Good Commodore, the Solomon Islands is leading in the Melanesian Spearhead Group […]

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Australia’s Battered Wife Flirts with the Big Boys

November 13, 2010

Nauru: Australia’s battered wife, flirting with the big boys. A few months ago I wrote a piece on one of my pet topics. It wasn’t good enough to capture the interest of any editor, so my little rant about the state of Nauruan politics went unpublished. In it I bemoaned the apparent inability of the […]

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Australia’s Pacific Policy

November 10, 2010

Australia’s policy on the Pacific is a funny thing. It really does encapsulate all that people dislike about politics and politicians in a betel nutshell. Goodwill, constructive policy, diplomacy and collaboration disappear as apathy, misunderstanding and petty domestic politics are easier. There are lessons here, and over the next few weeks I’m going to belt […]

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