Australia, Nauru and PNG: who has whom over a barrel? And other thoughts

July 20, 2013

A few events of the last two days have had me thinking. This is something of a brain dump. The general thrust of the first is that people seeking asylum in Australia, if they arrive by boat, will be resettled in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The second is that there was a riot/disturbance/unrest/event/venting of pent-up […]

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Fiji… What to do about Fiji?

May 21, 2011

The most serious and interesting issue from the last week (and probably for the week ahead) has definitely been the flight of Lieutenant Colonel Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara from Fiji to Tonga. This has made some things abundantly clear, raised a few questions, and been met with mixed reactions. The responses of Canberra and Wellington […]

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Fiji: The problem that isn’t. Again…..

April 16, 2011

This week we have seen Julie Bishop, the deputy leader is the Liberal Party, say that Australia’s approach to Fiji isn’t working. Moreover, Bishop stated that the Opposition would be open to negotiations with Fiji. I have two things to say. I have said before that Australia’s Fiji stratergy is rubbish. This is a no-brainer. […]

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Australia’s Pacific Policy

November 10, 2010

Australia’s policy on the Pacific is a funny thing. It really does encapsulate all that people dislike about politics and politicians in a betel nutshell. Goodwill, constructive policy, diplomacy and collaboration disappear as apathy, misunderstanding and petty domestic politics are easier. There are lessons here, and over the next few weeks I’m going to belt […]

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