Fiji… What to do about Fiji?

May 21, 2011

The most serious and interesting issue from the last week (and probably for the week ahead) has definitely been the flight of Lieutenant Colonel Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara from Fiji to Tonga. This has made some things abundantly clear, raised a few questions, and been met with mixed reactions. The responses of Canberra and Wellington […]

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Fiji: The problem that isn’t. Again…..

April 16, 2011

This week we have seen Julie Bishop, the deputy leader is the Liberal Party, say that Australia’s approach to Fiji isn’t working. Moreover, Bishop stated that the Opposition would be open to negotiations with Fiji. I have two things to say. I have said before that Australia’s Fiji stratergy is rubbish. This is a no-brainer. […]

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Age of the Pacific?

March 28, 2011

With the general buzz about the rise of China entirely predicted and forseeable and the intensifying focus on the Pacific as a region, it is interesting that we are starting to hear politicians talk about this as the Asia Pacific Century. What has it been before? A backwater? Not a pivotal battlegroud? Not the centre […]

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Remittances in the Pacific

January 12, 2011

If there is a Tongan in Namibia, a Tuvaluan in Moldova, or a Samoan in Mongolia, chances are they send money home. It is well known remittances play a vital role in the lives of many Pacific people. They are commonplace. They happen often and regularly. They account for massive (and often increasing) proportions of […]

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Democracy under the Southern Cross

January 6, 2011

There has been much debate about how appropriate democracy is for the Pacific Islands, and which form of this apparently essential freedom the various states of the Pacific should adopt. There has been condemnation of a Speight of coups in Fiji (although when the Premier of an Australian state does something similar enough there is […]

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Fiji: The Problem that isn’t?

December 5, 2010

Fiji, what to do about Fiji….. The regime and the Good Commodore have got to go, right? It’s just not proper for a coup to succeed, especially at the cost of that defenceless tender thing called democracy. And it’s even worse when all the feet-stamping done in Canberra, Wellington and Brussels results in nothing more […]

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